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“The staff here is phenomenal. Though this is the first time I have been in this type of environment, I have been through this type of care with my son. The staff treats you like a person. They are quick to jump in and help everyone even if it is not their duty. They do not pass it on to another staff member, they all work together. That’s great - you don’t see that much in a work environment. Kudos to all, keep up the great work. They make ALL the difference for recovery.” – Female, 56, Rehab

March 2017

"My therapist is amazing and helped me work through many self-realizations." – Female, 26, Outpatient

"The staff is excellent. They treated me with sincere care and concern. I was not looked down upon but was treated like a person, not an addict." – Female, 42, Mental Wellness

"Overall very great establishment. I would definitely recommend this program to a loved one in need of help. Staff was excellent, they helped out every way they could to guarantee the well being of the patients." – Female, 26, Mental Wellness

"I found Copper Springs to be caring and professional during a difficult time in my life." – Female, 45, Mental Wellness

February 2017

"You have a great staff! The PCAs are all very kind and friendly. Your nurses are great at their jobs, and the discharge planner was very helpful. My therapist’s groups were also good!" – Female, 28, Addiction Recovery

"Everything about Copper Springs is excellent -- staff, nurses, and food. It was a very positive experience that definitely helped me in every way." – Male, 46, Addiction Recovery

"All staff members, from entrance to treatment, were very friendly, professional, and genuinely cared about me. Thank you." – Male, 29, Addiction Recovery

"The staff here is outstanding. I cannot put into words how impressed I am with this facility. It far exceeded my expectations. Staff always makes a facility great, and these people are so wonderful. I thank God for this place and all the people here daily." – Male, 39, Mental Wellness

January 2017

"I learned a lot and received was great feedback here. Everything was great for me. I give you guys an A+." – Male, 59, Addiction Recovery

"Staff and food amazing. The doctors were the best I've ever encountered. My graitude to all of you." – Male, 55, Addiction Recovery

"Nursing staff was very caring and professional. My doctor really listened. I felt confidence towards his care plan." – Female, 50, Mental Wellness

"Caring staff. I liked how each day was different, as if you were out in the world living life." – Female, 27, Mental Wellness

"The staff here has been really great. They are attentive to everyone. The nursing staff is also great. I have no complaints. This place has really helped me mentally." – Female, 32, Mental Wellness

December 2016

"Through therapy I learned a lot about myself. It brought me back to the sober person that I can be." – Male, 61, Outpatient

"I was unsure at first, but nursing staff at the PHP was excellent. The therapist I worked with was extremely knowledgeable and was probably the biggest reason I overcame my additions. If he could help me, he could cure anyone." – Male, 52, Outpatient

"Copper Springs is a very well-managed, safe environment, and I would definitely suggest it to someone in need." – Female, 20, Mental Wellness

"The environment is so comforting, and the staff is so nice. Keep up the excellent job" – Male, 32, Mental Wellness

"I would like to thank the entire staff for helping me complete the first step of my recovery and the excellent care they gave to me." – Male, 51, Mental Wellness

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